WCW Hall of Fame


The West Central Wildcats Hall of Fame is one of the ways in which we preserve the past of Wildcats football. Founded in 2004, the Wildcats are dedicated to promoting minor league football, at all levels, for the benefit of its players and members in our community.

The first class of the Wildcats Football Hall of Fame was selected in 2006. That inaugural inductee was a member of the Championship team of 2005 and was joined by another teammate in 2008. Today only 6 players are enshrined in the Hall.  But this number, without question, will certainly increase as time goes by.


Each player nominated must have: (1) receive major All-Star recognition from its respective league; (2) played his last minor league game at least 1 year previously; (3) retired from playing minor league football; and (4) proven himself worthy as a dedicated member of his team, while carrying the ideals of football forward into his community.